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Early Childhood Education

Ninganah No More 2021-25

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Program Overview & Eligibility criteria

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Ninganah No More Program Overview

The Ninganah No More Aboriginal language program has been established to increase the level of Aboriginal languages being taught in early childhood services in NSW. The program provides an opportunity for Aboriginal culture and identity to be developed and nurtured in the earliest stage of formal education, and provides a basis for the ongoing development of Aboriginal language skills at higher levels of education.

In July 2021, the NSW Government released the First Steps Aboriginal Children’s Early Childhood Education Strategy. The strategy places a strong emphasis on Aboriginal family and community engagement, child-centred services and the promotion of Aboriginal culture and identity in early childhood settings. The provision of Aboriginal language instruction is a specific objective of the Strategy, and the Ninganah No More program has been redesigned to support the delivery of the Strategy’s goals.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Is your early childhood education service within the area of one of the proposed early childhood education Aboriginal language hubs? (see Table 1 in the guidelines) * Required
2. Is your organisation a not-for-profit, a local government body, and Aboriginal community-controlled organisation, or an Aboriginal business engaged in the early childhood service sector? * Required
Response required.Response required.
No more than 2 choices may be selected. 
Must be a number. 
4. Will the program be co-developed and delivered by a Certificate III, Diploma, or early childhood teacher qualified educator employed at your service or participating services? * Required
5. Will the language component of the program be co-developed and delivered by an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person who has support to deliver a local Aboriginal language program? * Required