Business Capability Development Program

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BCDP - Application and self-assessment


You will need to complete Part A, B and C of this form:  

Part A: Program eligibility and application  

Part B: Service self-assessment  

Part C: Applicant declaration 

You can stop and come back to this form, and you can make changes to your application at any time until you have pressed ‘Submit’. Once the application has been submitted, no further changes can be made without contacting Early Childhood Education (ECE) Information and Enquiries team on: 

1800 619 113 

The person completing this form should be an authorised officer (e.g. Person with Management or Control or Nominated Supervisor as per service record in NQAITS). The approved provider (e.g. Primary Contact or Person with Management or Control as per the provider record in NQAITS), must endorse the application. This person may also be the authorised officer. 

You should refer to the Business Capability Development Program guidelines while you complete this application.  

Multiple services under a single small provider (a NSW approved provider with between 1-6 early childhood and education care services) may apply for this program if they meet all the eligibility criteria, but a separate application and self-assessment must be completed for each service.  

You must complete every section and submit the online form to be considered for the program.  

Closing date

Applications for the Business Capability Development Program will close at midnight on 24 May 2024.  

Get help

Help with your application  

For any questions including about:  

    • how to apply 
    • program activities or requirements  

please contact:  

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Information and Enquiries team  
NSW Department of Education 
1800 619 113 

The ECE Information and Enquiries team can also put you in contact with your local department representative who will be able to help. (These people are part of the ‘Local Reform and Commissioning’ teams).  


Help with the online application system  

If you need help with the online application system, please contact: