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Early Childhood Education

Aboriginal Families as Teachers 2021 - Round 1

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Eligibility & Assessment Criteria

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Program Overview

The Aboriginal Families as Teachers program aims to strengthen the ability of Aboriginal families to build a rich home learning environment. The Minister for Early Childhood Education has approved an expanded AFaT as an initial implementation initiative of the First Steps Aboriginal Children’s Education Strategy. Support for Aboriginal families to participate in early childhood education, particularly with support from Aboriginal community-controlled organisations, also reflects targets of the Closing the Gap agreement, endorsed by the NSW Premier.  

Through working directly with families and collaborating with early childhood education services, the Aboriginal Families as Teachers program has been developed to encourage early learning and participation in a quality early childhood education program in the years before school.

The program has six core objectives:

  • support Aboriginal families to provide developmentally rich home learning environments for young children birth to five years
  • promote literacy and numeracy rich home learning environments
  • build families’ confidence in their ability to support the healthy development and learning of their children
  • support Aboriginal children and their families for successful transitions to school
  • promote the importance of early childhood education within families and communities, including participation in a quality early childhood education program for 600 hours in the year before school (at a minimum).
  • support Aboriginal children’s developmental outcomes across all five domains (physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language)

Eligibility Criteria

1. Is your organisation a previous recipient of the Aboriginal Families as Teachers program funding? * Required
2. Is your organisation an Aboriginal community controlled or owned organisation or business? * Required
3. Will activities be developed by a certificate III or diploma qualified early childhood educator, early childhood education teacher, or other person with a relevant tertiary qualification? * Required
4. Is your organisation a not-for-profit organisation or association OR a local government entity or body? * Required
Response required.
A local governing body as defined in the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995 (Cth).

You must attach evidence demonstrating your organisation’s not-for-profit status through one of the following:

  • current Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission's (ACNC) registration
  • current state or territory registration as an incorporated association
  • copy of constitution or memorandum and articles of association that demonstrate the not-for-profit character of the organisation

    Local Government Area

    6a. Which of the following eligible LGAs do you intend to deliver the program in? * Required
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    More than one can be selected.
    6b. Do you intend to expand delivery of the program to other communities within your current LGA or to communities in neighbouring LGA’s? * Required

    Eligibility against core outcomes and program requirements

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